Intelligent Waist And Abdomen Hot Compress Massager


Product information:

Material: ABS
Style: simple and stylish
Features: vibration, hot compress, kneading
Colour: White

1. Appearance design: 12mm ultra-thin design, the arc of the body fits the curve of the waist and abdomen, suitable for a variety of body shapes, and is comfortable to wear without a sense of pressure;
2. Function mode: pulse + hot compress + red light
①Pulse massage: Conventional pulse can only relieve surface soreness and discomfort. Pangao Xiaoman waist adopts VTP double pulse frequency conversion technology, equipped with TENS+EMS pulse function, rejuvenates and exercises muscles while relieving discomfort, giving you double comfort. 6 kinds of pulse modes, 16 levels of intensity, various choices
②Far-infrared hot compress, 3 levels of temperature, promote blood circulation.
③Red light irradiation, 630-650nm can act on the subcutaneous tissue 10-15mm to promote metabolism.
3. Portability: exquisite and compact, weighing only 260g, ready to go when packed, suitable for office, home, business trips and other scenarios;
4. Battery life: 1500mAh battery, 15 minutes per day, 7 days of battery life.

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