Massager Multi-functional Shoulder and Neck Massager


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Note: the patch should be used about 60 times. If it is not sticky, rinse it with water, or buy a new patch again.

Massager, shoulder cervical massager, leg back waist massage instrument, physiotherapy instrument, massager shoulder neck massage stick
Product material: ABS + silica gel + Pu
Product color: lemon, water drop, magic circle.
Working mode: ① comprehensive mode, ② massage mode, ③ hammering mode, ④ pressing mode, ⑤ massage mode, ⑥ acupuncture mode, and ⑦ kneading mode.
Gear force: 9-gear + / - force adjustment.
Product accessories: host * 1, patch * 1, storage board * 1, instruction * 1, charging cable * 1.
Battery capacity: 75mah / battery capacity: 75mah
Charging time: 30 minutes
Battery life: 15 minutes per day, full charge, 15 days
Product weight: mainframe Accessories + color box 77g
Product size: 14 * 6.5cm/product
Color box size: 19 * 9 * 2.5cm
Outer box size: 59 * 35.5 * 25cm
Packing quantity: 100 sets / box
Net weight: 7.7kg, gross weight: 8.2kg

Package Content:
1x Massager

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