Soft Rubber Magic Hair



1. New material! Ultra-soft silicone hair curls, there is not enough time for curling in the morning, the hot curling iron is too hot, the ironing hair can not be used easily, and the perm cost is too high. When I go home from work or when I am traveling, I want to curl, iron, and perm, which are both cumbersome and burdensome.
2. It is easy to operate, and it is highly recommended for people who don't like cumbersome, light and simple, and easy to carry.

3. The curl degree can be arbitrarily changed by adjusting only the number of hair rolls to be used.


Color is for reference only, subject to the actual product  

[name] silicone curling ball
[No.] Silicone curling ball (five big five small total ten)
[Size] Large outer diameter 5.0cm inner diameter 2.0cm small outer diameter 3.9cm inner diameter 1.5cm
[weight] 72g (five big five small total ten)
[Material] Soft silicone

Package Content:
1*Hair Curler

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