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Enough sweat during the night!

Are summer nights a struggle for you? If you always wake up very sweaty and, in addition, with back pain, the best option is to change your pillow. With Memory Foam technology, you have the guarantee of comfort and well-being throughout the night.

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Reduce your back pain!

Imagine that all your nights will be well slept and you will wake up every day ready to go. That's what happens when you have a good night's sleep. With the Sun Fresh Gel Pillow, you ensure the alignment of your spine, through its gel cover with antibacterial and cold technology. A revolution for your sleep nights.

The Sun Fresh is different...

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The Sun Fresh Gel Pillow is antibacterial and does not allow mites to accumulate, thus avoiding allergies and respiratory problems.

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In addition to the fabric not irritating the skin, Sun Fresh adjusts to the body, allowing for better sleep nights.

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Designed to improve sleep quality, Sun Fresh helps with spine alignment.

Satisfied customers all over the world

It's a memory foam pillow. The first night was unusual as it was smaller than usual, but in the morning without neck pain and no wrinkles and puffiness on the face!

Erin T.


I pressed it with my hand, and it returned to its original state as soon as I released it. The gel layer felt a little cold when I slept but it's very comfortable and pleasant!

Kylo S.


The pillow is very comfortable, lying on the gel feels cold and fresh, and it's not suffocating to sleep, perfect in summer.

Alexis J.


Frequent Questions

100% cotton + gel

50cm x 30cm x 12cm

Approximately 1046g


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30 days money back guarantee.

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